T. L. Fahringer Company manufactures replacement model welders for the old Stryco MF‑1, MF‑2, and MF‑3 welders as well as competative models to other major brands. We also stock parts for and repair Stryco MF‑1, MF‑2, and MF‑3 machines.

The chart below cross-references competative model welders to Fahringer machines.

ManufacturerCompetitor's ModelFahringer Equivalent
Stryco MF-1 W-10 DS
Stryco MF-2 W-15 DS
Stryco MF-3 W-20 DS
Ideal BAS-050 FW-200 MS
Ideal BAS-050-11 FW-200 HS
Ideal BAS-065-11 FW-200 HS
Ideal BAS-052 FW-200 HPA